Pools structure

Blockchain Part

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Pools Contract

The main contract will be Pools contract which holds:

  • AIX Balance of all pools
  • All actions Events
  • Available pools list
  • Contributors contribution details


This entity holds all contributions and address to PrizeCalculator. Full Entity structure:

  • id - 32 symbols hash
  • contributionStartUtc - (UNIX timestamp) Start date when the pool starts to accept contributions.
  • contributionEndUtc - (UNIX timestamp) End date until which the pool accept contributions.
  • destination - address of the product to which this pool is dedicated.
  • status -
    • NotSet (0)
    • Active (1) - the pool is ready for contributions. Initial status.
    • Distributing (2) - insurance product is ended and rewards are ready.
    • Funded (3) - pool contributions are ended and funds are sent to the insurance product.
    • Paused (4) - the pool is paused by administrators.
    • Canceled (5) - some issue happened and refunds for this pool contributors will happen.
  • amountLimit - limit how much tokens pool will collect
  • amountCollected - a number of tokens were collected.
  • amountDistributing - a number of tokens will be distributed as a reward.
  • paidout - a number of tokens were already paid out.
  • prizeCalculator - address of reward formula calculator.
  • contributions - an array of contributions:
    • id - 32 symbols hash
    • owner - contribution owner wallet address
    • amount - contribution size in AIX tokens
    • paidout - if the pool is canceled or pool distributing - an amount which was transferred for user

Pools functions

  • initialize - pools owner setup contract
  • addPool - owner can add pool and update in case of issue
  • setPoolStatus - owner can change pool status
  • setPoolAmountDistributing - owner set pool for distributing.
  • receiveApproval - AIX token will call this function to setup contribution
  • transferToDestination - transfer pool AIX tokens amount to destination.
  • payout - function to take contribution rewards
  • refund - if pool was canseled users using this function will get refund.

View functions are used, because of current solidity limitations

  • getContribution - ability to read contribution details

Safety functions

  • withdrawETH - withdraw all ethers in case something wrong will be found
  • withdrawTokens - withdraw all tokens in case something wrong will be found
  • pause - pause pools contract in case something wrong will be found

Prize calculator contract

This contract stores formula how much contributor can withdraw:

Function to calculate reward amount:

  • calculatePrizeAmount

At first version we use simples reward distribution formula:

Your contributed tokens (_contributionTokens) * _distributeTotalTokens / _collectedTotalTokens = reward


A pool collected 2000 tokens reserve:

User A placed 1500 tokens
User B placed 500 tokens

After insurance product ended and return 2800 tokens as leftover to pool.
Users can now withdraw the following token amount from their contribution:

User A -> 1500 * 2800 / 2000 = 2100 Tokens
User B -> 500 * 2800 / 2000 = 700 Tokens

Platform Part

Platform API:

REST api service for other applications. Users can use to integrate with the platform. Addresses can be found at developers wiki page https://aigangnetwork.github.io/

Platform WEB:

Aigang team maintainable web interface working on top of REST API.

Background services:

Aigang.Transactions.Listener service - helps to maintain blockchain transactions statuses. Example: when contribution receives payment transaction this service activate contribution and update status to “Paid”. Aigang.Pools.Listener service - helps to maintain pools and contributions. Example: when contribution doesn’t have payment transaction after 1-hour, status will be changed to “Canceled”.

General pool statuses in platform:

  • Active (1) - pool is ready to accept contributions. Initial status.
  • Distributing (2) - the pool is distributing rewards.
  • Funding (3) - Contributing is ended and collected pool will be sent to destination.
  • Paused (4) - contribution in this pool is paused and administrators are investigating what is happening
  • Canceled (5) - some issue happened and refunds for this pool contributors will happen.
  • Closed (7) - final state when all rewards are taken.

General contribution statuses in platform:

  • PendingPayment (1) - contribution payment was initialized.
  • Paid (2) - contribution was received.
  • Canceled (3) - contribution is canceled because paiment was not received in 24 hours.
  • AvailablePayout (4) - reward is available to you to take out.
  • AvailableRefund (7) - pool is canceled and you can refund your tokens.
  • RewardPaidout (6) - reward was successful and tokens was sent to a user.
  • PendingPayout (5) - payout transactions were submited and the platform is waiting until it will be commited.
  • RefundPaidout (8) - refund was successful and tokens was sent to a user.